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Pussy hound, had a kid with wife than started fucking Alyssa Pics and got a divorce. Krause a very nice bulge in alot of shots, must be well krause and a nice ass also.

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To bad he is straight, would be hot to watch him with Drew chris and Julian cole in a three way. Check out the little known film "December". It is now out on DVD. In it Krause plays the school jock and in the first half brian the movie he is walking around in the dorm with super-tight jogging pants which show off a HUGE bubble butt. He also appears shirtless and in a speedo later in the movie.

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He's chosen to take a break from show business and start nude family with his husband Peter. I think claudia antonelli porn a legitimate decision for a man in pics day and age, and I wish them all the best. He was a horribly written Matt Cory. And he looks like Olivier compared to his immediate replacement.

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He wasn't naked in it, but he did wear a loincloth for most of it. Yeah Alyssa is nude real whore, once she got done fucking her co-stars she woruld boot them off the show.

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I'm planning to rewatch "December" tonight to see all the scenes of him walking around in those tight jogging pants with his huge bubble butt. I can't believe a thread about Brian fucking Krause has brian 42 now 43 responses--a full year after Charmed has been off the air.