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Orgasm with clothes on

Let my wife fuck in ' The Orgasmic Experience ' started by heckwiththatcatMar 14, Log in or Sign up.

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Getting her to orgasm with clothes clothes Discussion in ' The Orgasmic Experience ' started by heckwiththatcatMar 14, I need a bit of help. I'm a late bloomer in the sex world and I really want to get my girlfriend to orgasm.


We have dry sex orgasm not much else. We go clothes to underwear and I come, but she dosn't.

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Anyone have any tips that might make my task easier? Knowing where her clit is without being able to see it would be the biggest help.

Clothed Orgasm

Sounds like you don't want to have intercourse yet, but you want to enjoy sex. Why don't you try direct genital contact, a little at a time. You put your hands inside each other's underwear at the same time - you massage her clitoris gently, and orgasm is with down there than you thinkand perhaps tentatively put a lubricated finger into her vagina unless it is painful for her.

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She massages your penis tell her what you like at the same time. You can do this in the dark with you are both too shy.