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Pacific and asian plates

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The Caroline Plate is a minor tectonic plate that straddles the Equator in the eastern hemisphere plates north of New Guinea.

It forms a subduction zone along the border with the Bird's Head Plate and the Woodlark Plate to the south. And transform boundary forms the northern border with the Pacific Plate.

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Along the border with the Philippine Sea Plate is a convergent boundary that transitions into a rift. A separate terrane with its own tectonic history, the Caroline Plate has been considered part of the Pacific Plate because of sparse seismicity and low velocities along its boundaries. The boundary with the Philippine Sea to the west has two plates The northern segment, pacific Palau and southern Pacific trenches, is not an active subduction zone as indicated by the lack of active volcanoes.

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The Caroline- Pacific boundary is a complex, evolving system partly and potentially developing into a subduction zone. The south-east boundary, along the Manus Trenchis a asian boundary, but in the absence of active volcanoes and earthquakes, is not a subduction zone at and.

The Caroline Plate moves at velocities very close to those of the Pacific Plate and its age asian formation and current status as an independent plate are uncertain.

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