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Peeing in a glass


You would glass peeing in a cup would be as easy as, say, glass in a cup which, as a woman is a bit challenging but not rocket science. Turns out, Nude girls legs open had no idea peeing there was a greater picture to all this, and with proper instruction and prior knowledge, I most likely peeing have saved myself weeks of unnecessary aggravation, stress, subway travel, borderline panic, and testing.

And so, going forward, I'll be sharing what some including my mother will think is too much information.

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Also, if you're reading this and you're not a woman, none of this applies to you. But, should this enlighten one person and spare her the experiences I've had, exposing my ignorance will have served a greater purpose.

Hot Girl Peeing In A Glass

First—if you have your period, don't give a urine glass. Let me repeat that: Should you have your period when you're at the doctor or the lab and no one asks if you're menstruating, or peeing to or if you're period's just peeing, take the initiative and mention it yourself. You want to avoid getting that phone call telling you there are red blood cells in your urine. And should you have your period when peeing in that cup, there will be red blood cells in your urine.

Hot Girl Peeing In A Glass

How could there not be? Should you be attempting to donate a kidney, red blood cells glass a major red flag that couldn't be helped that will lead to extensive additional tests, not to mention sleepless nights. Before that, not one word of instruction.