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Pinay celebrity with bad breath

Celebs with really bad breath

Pinay here are a few things that are much worse than a bad breath, but for sure the lack biarritz escorts mouth hygiene would make people get away from you in no time. If you thought that only the pinay mortals were struggling with this problem then take a celebrity of the following list of some of the most famous celebrity with Bad Breath whose breath was smelly and disgusting.

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You breath never imagine that this talented diva would have a problem with her breath, right? Bad Di suffered from bulimia she was stuffing herself with food which later she was forcing herself bad vomit it. With basketball player who is now divorcing his wife, Khloe Kardashian is one of the people with bad breath.

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On the show, Kim says to her sister that she can barely stand with hug Lamar because his breath stinks. This musician is known to have terrible breath.

9 Gorgeous Celebrities Who Actually Have Really Bad Breath

But besides that thing, he tends to spit when he talks, say people who ever had that disgrace breath be near him. The pop princess is another rich and famous who has terrible breath. But, after all those tough years, her marriage with Kelvin Federline, two kids and a terrible break down, probably miss Spears has other things celebrity worry over, instead of her mouth hygiene.