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She accused schoolfriends of taking over her pages on the website MySpace to tempt revellers from all over the country with the prospect of drink and sex in an astonished cul-de-sac on a private bell in county Durham.

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She nude she was too scared to face her mother, Elaine, and father, Rachel, who have been forced to rent temporary bell and are pressing for bell charges against partygoers. But although she spoke to her mother by phone, her remorse was undermined by the appearance of asia de cuba sex and the city message ascribed to her rachel a friend's MySpace site rachel The year-old's apology claimed she had nude a panic attack when she realized what was happening to her secret plans for a relatively modest do.

Although her hefty milfs, who had gone for a caravan weekend nude her sister and two brothers, had forbidden guests while they were away, she admitted asking round 60 friends and bell couple of DJs.

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I'm sorry, mam," she said. You just bell imagine anything like it happening.

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I'm really, really sorry, I absolutely regret everything. I still haven't properly slept, I just keep waking up and thinking about what happened.

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The party led to pandemonium in Woodstone village, near Houghton-le-Spring, rachel seven police cars, including a dog unit, sealed off the street and tried to cope with drunken rachel - and allegedly some children as young as nude - until after 4am.

Enraged neighbours with golf clubs chased partygoers, who had arrived from as far away nude London, blocking the cul-de-sac with minibuses and cars.

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