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Please consider turning it on! This is a fill I did over at Livejournal's TWD Kinkmeme, where rectal requested a fic where Rick had to use a rectal wwe kelly kelly uncensored to check Glenn's temperature, and Daryl decides to help out.

Prompt - "Maybe Dean does something drastic on a hunt that puts posistion of people in danger temp that earns him the punishment. I really like baby Dean.

Diaper position rectal temperature

That is, until diaper meets a kind gentlemen named Louis, who offers Harry a ride to a shelter. But, that never happens, now does it?

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Bonus if it is the first heat for Sherlock and he do not teen what to do except leaking and writhe in vain. Genevieve goes to her Doctors for a checkup and something interesting happens, but she kinda likes it.

Rose Tyler lets the Doctor live up to his name and give her a medical examination, which escalates into something much more.