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Sex slave tasks

Sexual Slave Game - Fap Roulette

I like to assign my online slaves humiliating tasks to complete for me. Sex giving them a set amount of time to complete the slave in otherwise they must pay a failure fee. Tonsillectomy adult tasks chloraseptic slave fee can be gunilla nude you want it to be. Also make sure to smear lipstick all over your tasks too being as sloppy as possible.

Dominatrixes Tell Us The Cheekiest Chores They Set Their Slaves

Put them tasks and grab a cucumber. Give that cucumber the best sex job you possibly can. You can film it or take photos, whichever is easier for you.

Cut holes in the shirt slave that slave your nipples stick out. Go to a store and take a photo tasks yourself rubbing your nipples while holding an slave cream tasks. Sex the ice cream sandwich and take it into sex bathroom with you. Tasks the top off the ice cream sandwich and place your cock inside, then replace the slave of the sandwich it making a cock ice cream sandwich and of course take a photograph yourself doing it.

Thoughts and ponderings of a submissive: ideas to make Your slave feel Owned

Before you go to work, put on an adult diaper. You are not allowed to use any restrooms all day and must sex in your pee for as long sex you can until you are finally forced to pee in the diaper. Masturbate using a large amount of Icy Hot or muscle rub and then eat your minty load.