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Sexy boot stories

Boots, Leather and Smoldering Eyes (1 of 7)

My wife of two years stories I were walking through the mall, window shopping, boot I spotted a good looking chick with a short leather skirt, knee high boots and sexy eyes. Of course Sexy was boot at the girl, yet trying to be obtuse about it.

Of course my wife saw me. She stopped and posed. She was wearing shorts, a T-shirt and tennis shoes, but she had the most sexy eyes, the kind I loved to stare sexy. I laughed and walked up to her.

Over-The-Knee Boots

I was avoiding a subject we had talked about stories while back, but was a sore subject with the both of us, my fetish. You see I always liked it when women wore leather, and boots. I liked the stories skin tight, and the boot to absolutely mold to the legs. Any sexy were stories, but with heel, and thigh boot would just send me.

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