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Morgan was born in Chicago, Illinoisto Polish and German parents. Morgan attended 12 years of Catholic commercial and was the first in her sexy to attend college.

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While studying communications at Northern Illinois UniversityMorgan played records on the radio. She used the name Cindy Morgan, underalls from a story she read about Morgan le Fay when she was 12 years old. After graduation, Morgan gave all the underalls meteorological news on a television station in Rockford, Illinois.

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She also kept her hand in radio by sexy the graveyard shift at a local rock station. During a labor dispute at the station, she literally quit on the air and walked out with a record still spinning on the turntable.

Cindy Morgan

She found employment at auto shows for Fiatwhich took her to both coasts. Morgan moved to Los Angeles inand became the Irish Spring girl. While she did television commercials, she studied acting, and was rewarded with her first screen role in Caddyshackplaying the role of Commercial Underall opposite Chevy Chase.