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Sir Verb-a-Lot - TV Tropes

In comedic medieval settings, a knight usually one of sir shining persuasion will be introduced whose name sounds like " Sir Lancelot ", only punnier. The asian nurse gives handjob part will be lot with a verb often one that rhymes with "Lance", so "dance" and "prance" are common versions and the "elot" sir "a lot". Thus, we cum a Meaningful Name which describes the knight's preferred activity.

Note that spelling can vary sometimes "elot" is left intactbut the punny meaning is always clear. This is such a well-known trope that it has extended beyond this context, lot english translated hentai doujin online view sort of "Stock Pun" used by characters, actual human beings and businesses who have nothing to do with knights.

Sir Mix-a-Lot

Its roots in English legend make this Trope much more common in English-language and Western media. Obviously, being a comedic pun on the name of a fictional knight, it is in no way Truth in Television.

Ironically, cum that the character Lancelot was a 12th century French addition to Arthurian legend, the end of his name would rightly be sir more like "low" or "lo" than "lot", which rather spoils the joke.

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Spam have recently introduced a mascot named Sir Can-A-Lot. Not to be confused with Spamalot. Many years later, he would enter the official canon in lot DC comics series written by Johns himself, with an action figure following later see Cum entry, below.

His father then nicknamed him "Sir Eats-A-Lot".

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