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Skinning breasts

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Boneless, skinless chicken breasts take up less space in the freezer. At the bottom of this article is a breasts up video showing how to bone and skin a chicken breast. It breasts takes me just over a minute to bone and skinning a breasts — I had to slow down breasts show what I was doing.

Boning and Skinning a Chicken Breast (Video)

The first couple will probably take you longer, and skinning need to watch skinning fingers as they are near a very sharp or what should be a very sharp knife. The chicken breasts will take up about breasts the space they did before you boned them.

And at the end make bone broth from the bones and skin and gristle in your pressure cooker. Skinning prepping for freezing I do all the boning ahead of time.

I use one bowl skinning the meat and another for trimmings. Like you, the breasts and trimmings skinning for stock. I usually bone legs and thighs also although that is fussy for many people. The dark meat works great for casseroles and tacos.

Skinning and Boning Chicken

Sometimes I have roasted a whole chicken and picked the meat off. Very handy for a casserole to take to a potluck.

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Pretty much the same process although the cutting is easier.