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Sore on penis won t heal

Cut on Penis: What You Should Know

Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Mental Health Anxiety Depression. So here's how it started. My girlfriend and I or 2 years are very sexual people. A couple months ago, we were starting to have sex but she wasn't fully "ready" yet not wet enough. We were so into it tho that we tried anyway, and after enough time we got going pretty good.

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Once we were finished I noticed that around the base of won head of my penis and around the shaft there were tiny horinzontal tears, a few of which were slightly bleeding. So, right off the bat i know my problem is from that.

Male with open sore, need advice.

However, since sore everytime my girlfriend and I have sex they re-open in the same spots. We've waited as much as heal weeks for the healing process, but it seems no matter how long we wait, they just reopen.

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They dont hip hop divas nude hurt all penis much, but they tend to sting right after.