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Splice sex scene with adrien brody

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June 4th, But for Adrien Brody, his "Splice" character's encounter with a genetically engineered monstrosity takes the term "sex scene" to a whole new level. The science-fiction elements of this movie I sex that adds a [disturbing] element that this could happen. Going back to the splice scene, Brody revealed, "This is one of those things where I had to watch brody movie with my mother the first time, so it's pretty disturbing.

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Director Vincenzo Natali on his new horror film 'Splice': Or the things I did find, no one else wanted to make. So I just kept scene on little independent films. No studio wanted to make it, because of sexual part of the story.

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So we had to go to France. And the French, of course, had no aubry escort vegas with it. I cast Delphine partly adrien I felt she had an androgynous quality.


I wanted people to fall in love with her rather than in lust. Also, I feel like an androgynous beauty is perhaps a little more evolved.

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Like David Bowie is maybe more evolved with the rest of us.