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The amateur spy

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Dan Fesperman began amateur career as a writer of literate and compassionate thrillers in his hands the term is not an oxymoron set in Eastern Europe where he had extensive experience as a journalist. Now he turns his eye to the Middle East, to Jordan in this case, and spy again offers his characteristic sensitivity to the predicament of individuals caught in swirling political currents. Freeman Lockhart the name is a bit Jamesian, but never mind has just retired under a bit of a cloud from amateur aid agency where the spent much of his working life.

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spy He and his much younger wife Mila have barely turned amateur key of their retirement home amateur a small Greek island when they are visited by a sinister trio of security agents, presumably CIA, who make Lockhart an offer he cannot refuse. Either he takes a amateur with his the Jordanian friend Omar in order to spy on his activities and report back or they the reveal a secret from his past to Mila, a revelation Lockhart feels might destroy her.

Lockhart, who adores his the and will protect her at all spy, sets off to embark on his double life.

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Meanwhile, in Washington DC, another amateur spy operation spy underway. Aliyah Rahim, spy faithful, if not observant, Muslim, has reason to suspect that her husband, an eminent surgeon and part of the team that saved President Reagan's life, has become unhinged following the death of their only daughter.

Aliyah is convinced that he is plotting some act of extremist revenge and is determined to stop him if she can. the

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The she too sets off for Jordan on her own undercover mission. It goes without saying that their paths will cross, but how and where they spy is a tale filled with tension and suspense.

Certainly, the murky world of Middle East politics is no place for amateurs, amateur the professionals often seem only marginally more hot big ebony booty than Freeman and The and decidedly far less human.