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The full monty nude

Harry Judd has opened up about going nude for an upcoming documentary celebrating The Full Monty for the film's 20th anniversary. The McFly band member, along with fellow celebs including TOWIE 's Elliot Wright nude Olympic swimmer Mark Fosterperformed the famous 'full monty' routine at the London Palladium theatre for the documentary in order to raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer.

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Because yeah, we're revealing everything. This is the real deal. The like, very iconic stage there to be full The dad-of-one admitted that he kept the upcoming performance on the down low, joking that he didn't talk about it with his wife, Izzy. However, he revealed that she might well come to see monty show.

7 Facts About Nutria, the Invasive Rodents Taking Over Louisiana

I haven't properly asked her! We all support each other. They're doing their thing and I'm doing my thing.

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