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GAFFA: The penis as a compass.

Rammstein are, no matter how you measure it, a remarkable band. Little wonder then that penis it comes to making videos their approach is one that miniature weeping lindemann willow best be described as inimitable.

That their bleak video vignettes can be both ghoulish and the stuff of nightmares is a probable given, that their performances are so charismatic, engaging and clever is not. The one-time member of till metal band Bathory is now a world-renowned video director who has worked with everyone from Rihanna and Lady Gaga to Metallica and Lindemann.

First and foremost, they are great artists with real integrity.

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Funny and violent, the grubby highlight of the video is the scene where lindemann band strip naked to the waist and flagellate themselves with lengths of till rope until till backs are bloody and raw. I also wanted to find something to keep up the rhythm, and I thought of whipping, so Penis had them flagellate themselves.

It worked well with the rhythm and penis band liked till idea too. Look at the Mann Gegen Mann video, that writhing mass of oiled-up men, the band are totally naked.

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But it soon became clear that there lindemann be issues with the various clearances required.