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Moving is never easy. Even a move across town requires significant planning, preparation and, of course, packing!

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Here are our tips for how to make your international relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible. Search Switzerland's news in English.

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Geneva relaxes rules to let women bathe topless in lake The Local. But now, following a petition signed by locals, topless authorities have decided to relax the rule, or their interpretation of it.

At least two women lake faced a reprimand over the issue last summer, it said. The rule did not apply to swimming pools, where women were — nude girls photo galleries remain — free to bathe topless.

There is no federal law against public nudity in Switzerland, but there are rules the public decency, though attitudes vary topless canton to canton.

While lake and swimming topless is unusual in many parts of the western the, including Britain, it is a common practice for women in some parts of Europe, for example in France and Spain. Nudity on French beaches: