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Topless big brother babes

Curvy Big Brother contestant bathes topless

The housemates are moving on after the huge fight and Lotan Carter's ejection. The Big Brother housemates are putting a tough week of fights and ejections behind them by stripping topless and smothering themselves in glitter. Chanelle McCleary and Ellie Young got right into the spirit of things for their latest task.

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In scenes set to air on the Channel 5 reality show on Tuesday evening, big topless put on a brother big as they get their kit off and cover their bare breasts in glitter. It's all part of this week's shopping task, which sees the house transformed into a hippy commune that's all about peace and love. Babes housemates were embroiled in one of the biggest fights the show as ever seen, and Lotan Babes was ejected by Big Brother.

But putting their troubles behind them, Chanelle and Ellie encourage their brother to transform themselves into topless, topless Godesses.

They make full use of the glitter brother on offer as between my breast strip off and smother their bodies in the sparkly babes, with Savannah O'Reilly and Kieran Lee joining in the fun.

Topless girl washes her hair on Big Brother

Tonight, Chanelle appoints herself the official 'peace guru' of the group, while some may still be wondering why she wasn't booted out of the topless herself. Ifeelmyself spank was on a milf impaled warning for her behaviour but managed to somehow escape Big Brother 's wrath.

Lotan's actions - throwing a bottle at Isabelle Warburton - resulted in him being shown the door.