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Transsexual breast growth timeline

This is my HRT program and the daktacort penis on me timeline this point. So my first step was 30 days of Spiractin. The use of this testosterone blocker I did not see anything going on with my body during the first 30 days.

My Transition Timeline

Transsexual next 30 days, my next step was to start on Estraderm Patches with Spiractin. I love the patches and here is why. With so many issues in being Trans the last thing I want is liver problems. Then remembering that I need to take them everyday for me is hard enough with the other pills.

Breast growth timeline?

I did growth get the tears or become an emotional outburst. Despite going through a horrific divorce at the same time. It was more like a calming of the voices that we all face breast the Dysphoria. I did start to also see a slow down on hair growth of Facial, leg and chest hair.