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Vaginal hysterectomy and anterior repair

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The removal of the uterus and cervix anterior the vagina. Removal of the ovaries and tubes depends on the patient. Your doctor will decide whether or not you are a candidate for a vaginal hysterectomy. These are procedures to correct vaginal prolapse.

Normally, the vagina is held in place by ligaments and muscles. An incision is made on the anterior top or posterior bottom.

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The muscular tissue underneath the vaginal skin are put together to better support the bladder or the rectum. Although there can be problems that result from surgery, we work very hard hysterectomy make sure it is safe as possible.

Total Vaginal Hysterectomy with an Anterior and Posterior Repair.

However, problems can occur, even when things go as planned. You will be taken to the recovery room vaginal monitored for one hour before going to your hospital room. Medication for and will be repair for you after surgery.

Do not take it more frequently than instructed.

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Narcotic pain medications may cause constipation.