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Vintage melted plastic christmas decorations

The melted plastic popcorn decorations were popular in the late s through the s and are enjoying a comeback as a vintage collectible on Ebay.

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The company christmas since melted out of business and finding any information pertaining to these cute and collectible melted plastic decorations is almost impossible. They are called melted popcorn plastic decorations because that is what they look exactly like - melted plastic shaped like popcorn.

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Older decorations, circahave edges that are not as flat and smooth as a newer melted plastic popcorn decoration. Melted plastic popcorn decorations can been found in many shapes for the holidays.

A Unique Halloween and Christmas Decoration, Melted Popcorn Plastic

They are designed to hang flat on a wall or door and the sturdy plastic stands up to tough weather conditions. There are melted plastic popcorn decorations for strange things in pussy the holidays, ChristmasEaster, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines and even melted popcorn decorations decorations for the fun of it.

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Collecting these items can be a fun activity to plastic with vintage children. Try to complete sets. For instance, collecting the Warner Brothers cartoon characters may be a fun way to start.