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What are the chances of getting pregnant with pre cum

Birth control and safe sex are some of the most discussed and deliberated topics of today.

FAQ: Can Precum Get You Pregnant? - Teen Health Source

There are a lot of questions waiting to be answered. Getting pregnant from pre-cum is one 14 nn teens them.

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Pre-cum is nothing but the pre seminal fluid produced by males, just before sperm ejaculation. It is alkaline in nature and neutralises the acids present in the urine which remains in the urethra.

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As a result, it becomes easier for the sperms to travel right up to the ovary. However, most couples are worried about whether getting pregnant from pre-cum is possible.

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There are scientific fact based answers for the same which can rest the doubts. In order to do away completely with unwanted and accidental pregnancythere are safer alternatives available. Consider using condoms, birth control pills or intrauterine devices for effective results.

FAQ: Can Precum Get You Pregnant?

Though ovulation is the best time for sex in order to get pregnant, you must be aware of the right time for it. What are the Chances of getting Pregnant from Pre-cum? However, there might be some left over sperms from the last ejaculation which might travel along with it in certain isolated cases.