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What does euc mean on facebook

Copied and pasted from a Facebook post I made back in January 12th. Why am I calling electric unicycle "euc" for short?

What Does EUC Mean on eBay?

Counter-arguments welcome after you read this to the bottom. I'm perfectly aware "unicycle" is one word but there are two "roots" within the word.

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Verbally can be pronounced like the "euc" in "eucalyptus" "eu" as in EUrope, "c" as in Cat. Q1 Why not call it EU instead of euc? A Often confused with "European Union".

Buy, swap, sell: The lingo

B EU is two-syllable verbally unless you say "ewww! Q2 Why not call it "eWheel" or EW? B eWheel is 6 characters and two-syllables C EW is four-syllables verbally and if pronounced as one-syllable it would sound like "ewww!

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