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What does girl cum taste like

I tasted it once and it tasted very sweet, I liked it.

How does a girl's cum taste like?

Thanks for the answer. It's sometimes claimed that male come tastes sweeter if the man eats more fruit.

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Do you eat a lot of fruit? Or do you think that was the oridnary taste of your come?

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I don't know, I only tasted it once. But I am very healthy: I exercise, I drink a lot of water and I eat mostly fruits and vegetables.

What does girls cum taste like?

If you want ur cum to taste sweet eat a lot of fruit both men n women can do this if they have a weird smell don't touch her or him cuz 10 out of 10 people have some type of std so please smell it before you suck it. There is no such thing. Female "ejaculate" is a clear fluid, like water.