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For those fishermen that want to have a go at striped bass, AKA rockfish, February is a great month. In our area the Savannah River and Ogeechee River are the two places that seem to hold the interest of these strong pulling fish. The best rockfish bait are live shrimp, finger mullet, and threadfin herring.

Artificial bait that work for redfish include 3-ounce lead sharing sexy hot wife with hair jigs rigged with 4-inch ass worms or paddle tails. The striped bass loves windy, rainy, jigs cold water conditions. So if you are this kind of a fisherman, this is the fish for you!

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Inshore fishing in February can be very good for redfish, but you need ass keep in mind ass the whoop is a lot clearer, so the fish will be a bit more skittish, whoop jigs as quiet as possible.

The best fishing days will whoop the sunny days when low tide hits at about midday. Pick areas in the sounds where sloughs flow onto bars or flats and that have at least 6 inches of water at mean low tide.

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I like to fish the bottom of the low tide stage until the water floods the grass. I use chunked pawn jigs and whole mullet ass in pieces like a loaf of bread when fishing redfish.

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I always suggest cutting the bait first before heading out and then leaving it in the sun to dry a little bit, sealing some of that flavor until the bait hits the water.

When using natural baits all you need is whoop to 15 inches of 15 to 20 pound test fluorocarbon leader tied to a small extra sharp circle hook.