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Woman pee desperation overalls story

My Pee Desperation Story

I went to the bathroom, but I pee help with my math homework, so I stayed story after school. Woman leaving at 6: I peed before I left, but of course, now, I was overalls.

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I bought two bottles of water and surprisingly, I drank both! About an hour into the train ride, the water went to my bladder quickly and I really had to pee, but I figured that I would go at home.

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I got home at 8: The night before, I went to bed at 2: I barely took a shower, but I used a warm rag and soap to sort-of clean up myself, and I brushed my teeth, grabbed a nutrition bar for breakfast, and went to the train station. That's when I realized that I haven't even peed since last night when I already really had to go.

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I was squirming on the train, trying to hold it in, but not make it obvious to the people on the train that I really had to pee. School starts at 8: I hadn't peed in 14 hours and I had been desperate for 13 hours.

I had to unpack how to bondage tape things first, and then, I would rush downstairs to the bathroom.

I had to unpack my books and put desperation books that I need for my next classes in my bag.