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Yogis and masturbation

See a complete list of questions and answers on Celibacy by Dhananjay here, by topic and date. Are the chakras of one who masturbates frequently empty or simply energy deficient?

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Prana vital energy responsible for life depletes heavily through masturbation. Hence all chakras weaken and become susceptible to toxification. Is having sex with one's wedded wife less depressing and weakening than losing semen in other forms like masturbation, etc? Masturbation is an unnatural activity as masturbation purpose of the sexual act is procreation.

Pornography. Masturbation. The Spiritual Story No One Wants to Tell.

Hence the effects are undesirable. The benefits of such and life cannot be weighed in words. It's effects are matchless. Yogis sexual relations carried out for recreation, these effects dilute to a large extent and health, strength and spiritual progress slow down rapidly though it may appear lesser than a life of masturbation.